Batman: The Enemy Within Revealed

Telltale’s Batman is getting a second season, as we saw from the initial reveal earlier today, which includes the return of The Joker, and the addition of The Riddler. Batman fans got really hyped for the reveal, and the trailer delivered the hype. The trailer is down below for you guys to check out. The First Episode […]

Dreadnaught PS4 BETA Announced

The Dreadnaught Open BETA was announced on August 1st and was released that day. Dreadnaught is a game of starship strategy with the feel of World of Tanks, but you have the ability to fly ships and destroy other Dreadnaughts in sort of a deathmatch form. Here is the trailer. sources: IGN, Trailer: PlayStation by

Persona Q2 announced for 3DS

Persona Q2 announced for 3DS On August 2nd, 2017, Atlus Games released a teaser sign with the Persona catchphrase “Take Your Heart” with the Aresne Top Hat logo included on the poster. Under all of that reads Persona Q2 and Nintendo 3Ds. That’s all we saw from the release so far. There is no information […]

BioWare Veteran, Corey Gaspur dead

Corey Gaspur, one of BioWare’s lead project designers passed away suddenly on the evening of July 31st,2017. The Game Designer was behind Mass Effect 2 and 3, with the inclusion of Dragon Age: Origins and was working on the newly revealed RPG, Anthem. BioWare announced the death in a blog post that evening. Gaspur started […]

The eSports Debate

Is Esports the Next Generation of Home Entertainment? Esports has been regarded as one the most controversial sports in the world. Not because of safety protocols or health endangerment to players, which Esports doesn’t do, but because of Sports Analyst’s, like Colin Cowherd, think that eSports shouldn’t even be considered as a sport. In September […]