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Fresh Tactics

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is set to launch tomorrow, and with a fresh new take on tactical shooters. The game follows agent William Carter in the year 1962, which was around the height of the Cold War. More importantly this game marks the creation of the XCOM. From the videos I’ve seen, The Bureau has an advanced tactical system set-up […]

Recently over a Skype call, some of the staff and I discussed the role of female protagonists in games. This subject is always a touchy one, so with me not being a female I will tread lightly and be as respectful as possible. This piece is simply my professional opinion on what needs to happen to see a larger population […]

It is hard now-a-days to grasp Nintendo’s motives behind many of their recent decisions. So far in 2013 they have spoke out against Lets Play videos, only to change their mind and allow them. Then the petitions started rolling out to get the Wii U’s region lock taken away, and even with outstanding numbers those petitions were shot down. Now […]

Don Mattrick: The New Adam Orth

Microsoft is getting its fair share of hate, and even their recent policy change is causing a new wave of disapproval. This goes to show that gamers have a voice and apparently a strong one. Don Mattrick unfortunately has a voice too, and one that no one wants to hear. We know that Microsoft is not a dumb company or […]

Gaming Is Now An Elitist Community.

I just recently read an article on Game Informer, confirming the launch titles for the “Next-Gen.” Never mind the fact that it was totally biased in the way it excluded the Wii U entirely, but that is neither here nor there. As I was browsing through the comments watching the fanboyism run rampant, it became quite obvious this community has […]

  You will have to excuse me as I’m about to get all “Uncle Tom” in this post. It seems technology has evolved to a point where we as consumers expect every machine we buy to have multiple functions. Not only that, but we sneer at any device that doesn’t. Gamers are the most spoiled of the bunch if you […]

 If you have been a core gamer for past decade then you are aware of Rockstar Games, and their unorthodox ways of business. At last year’s E3 the developer opted out of making an appearance entirely. This year however, the stakes were a bit higher for everyone so there was more to lose had they stayed home. As most are […]