Batman: Arkham Knight Comes Back to Steam October 28

Batman: Arkham Knight’s initial release on PC was a complete mess that ran even worse than the console ports. The game was even pulled from Steam after the huge backlash caused by the poor performance. After all of these months, Warner Bros. has announced that Arkham Knight is finally ready to return to Steam on October 28. Rocksteady has been working on polishing the PC version as much as possible, and WB has decided that Arkham Knight is now ready to be released once more.

PC players who already have the game or buy it in the future will receive all of the free bonus modes and DLC that console players have already. Anyone who bought the Season Pass before will also be able to access it as soon as the game re-launches. I’m really hoping that the re-release of Arkham Knight is truly up to snuff, and that WB won’t be crazy enough to mark it at full price. WB ended up doing the right thing, but it might be too little, too late.

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