Batman Beyond Returns via Darwyn Cooke’s Animated Short

Last year, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Superman and now, this year, it’s Batman’s turn. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the character, DC will unveil an awesome animated short in the Batman Beyond universe in which Terry and Bruce supplied by the voice talents of Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle reprising their roles from the cartoon.

In this video short, by Yahoo, Terry and Bruce prepare to get their asses kicked by all the famous various incarnation on the Dark Knight, ranging from the recent CGI Batman cartoon, The Batman from Brave and The Bold, The much loved Batman from Batman: The Animated Series, to an animated version of the campy 60’s Adam West Batman. Finally to cap it all off is the 1939 iteration of the character that started it all.

The short is said to air on Cartoon Network this Wednesday, Apr. 23 at 6:30 p.m. after a new episode of “Teen Titans GO”

Batman Beyond is one of the greatest shows I’ve seen growing up and a lot of people will agree the same and it still holds up today. Batman Beyond is greatly missed but, I always tell people that, if you want more Batman Beyond, they can go read the current comic series as they continue on where the show left off and added new amazing things, new villains, new heroes, new Justice League.


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