BattleField 1 WoWs Everyone At E3 Presser

I admit, I had my concerns for the upcoming title only because the sneak trailer they showed us weeks leading up to the start of E3 seemed too good to be true. Fortunately EA has delivered on their promise to give us a truly immersive World War 1 shooter. The extended trailer shown at the presser had everyone on their feet, the graphics, the weapons seemed so basic but the gritty gameplay was authentic. How else can we believe that we are in a World War 1 era if we don’t have the absence of anything modern to that time?

What can we expect?

We can expect a gritty war fighter set in a time before modern technology. This game will active make players rely on something they should have needed all along; pure skill. This game is look to get the silly mentality that we need to invisible shields and flying jet packs in order to be effective on the battlefield. Dice and EA are essentially taking us backward into the stone age, to make us appreciate how far we have come; not only in history but in first person shooters. I for one can’t wait to make that move back to a more simple time where all we had to do was rely on good reflex and iron sights.

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