Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Release Date

The new game mode, Carrier Assault and the four new maps, Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Operation Mortar and Wave Breaker, along with the new weapons and gadgets will be leading us into the third expansion for Battlefield 4, titled “Naval Strike.” The release of the DLC will be available March 25 for premium members and April 9 for everyone else.

Along with the new weapons and gadgets, the Naval Strike expansion will include ten new assignments, and a new hovercraft vehicle for the four Naval Strike maps. And looking to the future of Battlefield 4, the next expansion packs will be created by DICE L.A., which DID NOT develop the current maps and DLC and the soon-to-release Naval Strike expansion. DICE L.A. houses former employees of Danger Close and Medal of Honor.

I’m sure Dice Los Angeles will have some awesome DLC for us in the future, but me personally, I’m more concerned with the integrity of the game. Still five months into the games life cycle and DICE still hasn’t been able to fix the problems with BF4 that keep holding the game back. But you could argue that DICE is doing a pretty good job fixing the issues.

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