Bayonetta 2 Hands-On Impression: Second Verse, Same as the First…..But Better!

I’ve been noticing a trend in gaming lately, No, it’s not motion controls, downloadable titles or whatever, it’s that social networking sites are pretty stupid or more likely the pretty stupid people that rub their stupid all over it make it pretty stupid and it’s gets even pretty stupider when video games are involved. Bayonetta 2 or more likely the developers of Bayonetta 2 went through the same process Capcom went through on more than one occasion this year alone: Angry Internet Fanboy Complaining.  If the DmC thing and the reaction to Capcom’s money woes have shown me any indication is that fans are the worst people in the world up there with terrorists and child molesters. Why? Fans, especially the angry ones are some of the most entitled and the strangest individuals on the planet I mean there is a line between being passionate about something and being angry to the point committing crimes in real life over something that ultimately doesn’t matter.

You remember that story from last year, Bayonetta 2 was announced then, and two seconds later it was announced as a Wii U exclusive. I was super stoked; while fans of the first game took to their aforementioned social media outlets to do what fanboys always do: cry and make little sense as humanly possible. Twitter was loaded with angry gamers cursing left and right, and wishing death upon Nintendo, Sega, Platinum Games, Obama, and even to go as far as to threaten to take their own lives. (I might’ve made one of those up) Some people found it ridiculous; I found it hilarious. It’s sad how irrational people get about something to the point where always omit real life facts for the option of opposing their negative input or theory as to why such a thing happens. These same people swear a new Megaman game will be the sole savior of Capcom even though they’re wrong and they also don’t realize that if Nintendo didn’t pick-up Bayonetta 2 then the game wouldn’t be coming out at all. Microsoft and Sony passed on Bayonetta 2 because and let’s be honest here, the original Bayonetta wasn’t exactly a runaway hit selling modestly at best and gaining a cult following.

So yeah, I’ve spent the first two paragraph trash talking angry video game nerds over complaining about video games. So, for you rational gamers who stuck around, how does Bayonetta 2 play different from the last game?

Pretty much the same as before. But think about it. If you loved the gameplay of Bayonetta and has always though there should be more brand new enemies to kill? Well, here it. To elaborate further, Bayonetta 2 is more, but better. The game started with Bayonetta with her hot new hot librarian hairstyle fighting more angels on a jet plane. Now this part is really thorough for the people who played the last one to death: It wasn’t long before it was all flooding back to me as all of my Platinum level combos still worked on the new enemies and they still got me Platinum. All the games mechanics still work,and still feel satisfying and fun, she still is stylish using her guns, Dodging enemies on time still invokes Witch Time, and you can still take out enemies with the visually stunning trademark Torture Attacks. All I have to say is you have got to see these new attacks. These things are hilariously brutal. There is only one brand new gameplay aspect in Bayonetta 2 is called “Umbran Climax” (Though I could be wrong, I forgot the name) It’s a temporary power-up for Bayonetta making her attacks much more stronger and she emits a neon light saber like blade out of her legs when attacking. It’s as cool as it sounds. Finally the one greatest aspect of the first Bayonetta: The epic boss battles, are also back and are even bigger of scale and are still epic. You The game is pretty much on the easy side or maybe I’m just that good.

The WiiU tablet thingy is actually really comfortable as when the game starts you have to choice to play using either the touch screen or the buttons and I used the buttons…just like everybody else at the booth. So it’s not a bad as you think it is. With that said, you can still opt out to play it on the Wii U Classic Controller Pro. And from I’ve experienced the game play runs smoothly and fluid. It’s crazy that Nintendo pulled off creating a hardware that can keep up with Bayonetta. As I said before the game runs smoothly like the 360 version of the original game. So you’ll never have to worry about PS3-ish loading times.

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