Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Coming to U.S. and Canada

Last year, an animated movie based off of the game, Bayonetta, released in Japan. It was called, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, and has now been confirmed to be coming to U.S. and Canada on DVD and Blu-ray later on this year.

Funimation announced today that they have acquired the rights to release the movie. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate will follow the same story as the original Bayonetta title for PS3 and Xbox 360. There will also be a sneak peak for the english dub at this year’s Anime Expo on July 5, with director Fuminori Kizaki holding a Q&A.

Its release is just in time for Bayonetta 2 releasing this October on Wii U, which will come bundled with a port of Bayonetta 1.

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