Best Real-Life Games on our Screens

2016 has seen plenty of innovation in the gaming world thanks to the likes of Pokémon Go and Overwatch. And whilst board games, casino games and quiz games might not get the headlines, they’ve been reinvented in exciting new ways for the digital era that suggests that a new generation are getting to enjoy these enduring activities.


Most of us will have spent many hours locked in heated arguments with family members over a good game of Monopoly. But whilst this celebrated board game was always hampered by the loss of pieces and having to understand the rules, it’s now been made a lot simpler thanks to the Monopoly game by Electronic Arts for Android and iOS devices.


This has all of the property-buying fun of the original but with some great multiplayer options added. And the innovative way that you can roll the dice by shaking your mobile device shows how a traditional game can be very successfully reinvented in the 21st century.


Other great board games that have been imaginatively revamped include Mattel’s Live Scrabble for Facebook that makes full use of social media to give people something else to do other than argue about politics and post pictures of food.


Anybody with an office job will know that the game of Solitaire was one of the best way to kill a boring afternoon. And thanks to the Spider Solitaire gaming app, we can revisit the fun anywhere we choose thanks to its authentic recreation of the PC classic title.


Other great card games to check out include the poker offerings at the Coral’s site, although their newbie room can make the traditional game of bingo seem a lot more exciting thanks to the shorter formats and fun themed options.


What make games like these come alive is the way that they can be played at the user’s convenience, and it’s a concept that works particularly well with Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool offering access to multiplayer tournaments from the comfort of your sofa.


Even some of our nation’s most beloved game shows have even made the successful leap to mobile gaming.


With famous quiz shows like Pointless and challenging puzzle shows like Countdown both racing up their app charts thanks to their gaming apps, it shows that whether it’s online bingo or even dominos on Tabletop Simulator, there’s plenty of life yet for these traditional real-life games.

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