BF4 Data Transferable

DICE announced over Twitter that they are looking into making BF4 profile data of individuals transferable from current gen consoles to next gen, saying that they’re hearing that the people want that for BF4 and that they are investigating into it.

Tweet from the Battlefield Twitter page: “We’ve heard reports that players would like their stats and progression to transfer from current to next-gen in #BF4. We’re investigating.”

Personally, I love Battlelog and being able to see specific stats such as hours played with a certain weapon, to the amount of kills I have with it. I think that if DICE is able to pull this off, it will be a big success and get great player feedback for it! I’m not sure if COD is doing that or not for COD: Ghosts…? Battlefield 4 will come out October 29 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and will follow the release of the next-gen consoles.

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