BF4 Player Appreciation Month

Starting February 1, DICE is rolling out “Player Appreciation Month” to the BF4 community across all platforms. DICE’s way of showing their gratitude to their fans, the whole 28 days of February will have BF4 giveaways to the community. All players will have to do, is log onto battlelog to get access to “bronze” and “silver” battlepacks everyday to get new ones. DICE is also rolling out a “huge” update that will balance vehicles, weapons, net code issues, and other bugs found in the multiplayer. On top of that, DICE is will be offering “shortcut bundles” that players can purchase to get instant access to all DMRs, shotguns, pistols, and grenades. And on top of all that, double XP will also be available through the month of February.

For the full story release from DICE:

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