Black Desert Details Roundup

Black Desert; the Korean MMO that’s making waves for it’s extremely pretty looking graphics and it’s seemingly endless customizations. Today, the game’s developers, Pearl Abyss has shown up with a new combat feature for their game. It’s called a wave-linking battle formation skill.

Here is how it works: The skill in question has players linking themselves to a nearby character while in combat. Then when they link, the second character will be able to perform a stronger version of the attack the first character could do. A warrior’s slash could become a huge crowd control attack.

It’s also possible for characters to link to each other to create a protective barrier to guard against attacks from enemies. The combat is real-time so an idea like this is pretty sweet when the hypothetical issue of raids or attacks on titans come into play. But, why take what I say when you can see it in action yourselves?


Black Desert next closed beta will start on April 22nd and last for 3 weeks on the PC.

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