Borderlands 1 GOTY + Borderlands 2 + Season Pass = $22…WUT!?

Are you a PC gamer? Are you interested in Borderlands? No? Well, what if I told you that you can get the first Borderlands + ALL THE DLC, and Borderlands 2 + THE SEASON PASS (which includes 4 DLC packs + Mechromancer) FOR ONLY…$22? You’d be a PSYCHO not to interested in this series! I can tell you right now, this series is fun, funny, has tons of crazy guns, crazy characters, and has a great charm about it. Now is the time to snatch up this deal, before it disappears!

All it requires is that you’re a Steam user. You just buy the keys from Amazon’s Borderlands Bundleganza, open your Steam client, go to GAMES > ACTIVATE A PRODUCT ON STEAM:


And enter the key given to you from the Amazon purchase. All that’s left, is to enjoy the hundreds of hours you’ll spend on these games! The deal unlocks both the Windows & Mac version, as well! This deal is too good to pass up! LOOT IT LIKE A REAL VAULT HUNTER!!



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