Brand New Fatal Frame Coming To Wii U

According to Famistu, the IGN of Japan, Tecmo Koei is currently developing the brand new entry in the survival horror series, Fatal Frame and they are doing it alongside with Nintendo meaning that this game promises to take 100% full advantage of the Wii U gamepad. I don’t know much about the Fatal Frame, but I know that the games involve using a camera to look for ghosts.

This marks the second huge Wii U exclusive made by Tecmo Koei, the first is Hyrule Warriors revealed late last year,

On top of that, there are details that Tecmo Koei plan to take Fatal Frame mainstream; I’m talking, comics (manga), light novels, movies, cartoons (anime) and a live action movie.

As a guy whose never played or very knowledgeable of this series, I’m mildly interested in giving this a try when it comes out.


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