Capcom is Apparently Working on a New Fighting Game After All

Well, as it stands now,  it’s only in the planning stages. Meaning that they have no engine, no characters, no graphics, etc. to show and on top of that, the platform on which this future fighting game will be played on is currently undecided so it literally can be for anything ranging from Xbox 360- PS3 to Xbox One- PS4 or it could be a WiiU exclusive like what Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was for the Wii.

It was announced today that Yoshinori Ono the go-to guy for the company’s fighting games is looking for a Game Designer and programmers for a new fighting game, being developed in a studio in either Tokyo or Osaka. Here are the following tweets that coincide with the afformentioned statement:

And two more tweets for good measure.

Does this prove Capcom are liars? No. It proves that alot of you can’t read english properly. First off, Capcom stated that they didn’t have enough money to make a Street Fighter 5. And another article stated that Capcom didn’t have the resources or the manpower to port Ultra Street Fighter 4 to next-gen consoles. But in blind ignorant rage, angry gamers only interpreted these statements as Capcom not having enough money to make video games altogether and started guessing if Nintendo or Sega would buy Street Fighter. Sure they were in the red financially but they never said that their financial status was so bad that it would result in them not making new video games altogether. At least, now they have the financial resources especially with Monster Hunter 4’s massive sales in Japan becoming a safety net for the company making them more money even admist the release of Poke’mon X/Y and Grand Theft Auto V over there. As a major fan of the fighting genre, this is the best news I’ve heard all day. I’m hoping it’s a new Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, or a return of a more obsucre fighting franchise from the company’s back catalog. But have the rumors of Capcom’s demise been great exaggerated or are they delaying the inevitable?

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4 thoughts on “Capcom is Apparently Working on a New Fighting Game After All

  1. astarisborn94 says:

    Capcom said nothing about not being able to make Street Fighter V; all they said was that they didn’t have the resource to port Ultra Street Fighter IV to current-gen consoles (yes we are in the eight generation already).

  2. Well, many classic fighting games from Capcom were doomed in the second running: Star Gladiator, Tech Romancer, Rival Schools, Power Stone, Capcom vs SNK… The list is full of really great things.

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