Capcom Doesn’t Have Enough Resources For A Next-Gen Fighter

More bad news regarding Capcom. When asked by a fan if the company would be bringing Ultra Street Fighter IV to next gen consoles, Yoshinori Ono responded with a very grave statement:


Earlier this year we reported (through GameIndustry) that Capcom had a very minuscule amount of cash in the bank. The company is currently in financial disarray. Then the news surfaced that Capcom of Europe is planning to cut more than half of its staff members. Combining those two older reports with Ono’s recent remark, it’s clear that Capcom is seriously, undeniably in trouble.

Not to mention that fighting games aren’t necessarily as resource-heavy as say adventure or 3D action games. The fact that the company cannot afford to make a fighting game, or even port a fighter is devastating news.

As I stated in our earlier reports, I personally cannot feel sorry for the company. What goes around comes around. This is what happens when you betray your fans and kill off beloved franchises.

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96 thoughts on “Capcom Doesn’t Have Enough Resources For A Next-Gen Fighter

    • Nintendo couldn’t even hold their own besides, they’ll make things worse for themselves.

  1. “When you betray you fans.”…tighten up that writing dawg

  2. Gaygo_Umehado says:

    You burnt your bridges at lenient inputs, catch-up Ultras and “simple mode”, Crapclown. Now you must reap what you sow.

  3. I don’t think anyone would buy Capcom, because they’d be pretty expensive, and they’re slacking with their games now, so i think companies would just buy a couple of IP’s from them. Nintendo would mostly likely buy MH and Mega Man, them two alone would be mad expensive, but a great addition to Nintendo home. Sony could also go for MH and DMC, again great addition.

    Microsoft would go for Dead Rising, but i think all those franchises would benefit Microsoft because Japan isn’t so tight with XBOX’s, but i hope Microsoft never acquires them. Street Fighter Should go to a third party developer, i really wouldn’t like SF to be locked on one platform.

    MvC would sadly have to die, if Capcom is gone, since they’d be no Capcom, and their franchises would be spread out. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

    • omgitssexychase says:

      Mh has sold way more on playstation then nintendo….the series is wasted on nintendos terrible online infrastructure and garbage technology

      • actually MH3 on Wii outsold both MH and MH2 on PS2
        MH4 on 3DS is still making a killing and it had the strongest launch in the series history selling 1.97 Million(including Digital and download cards) in 2 days beating MH Portable 3rd with 1.95 Million in 5 days

  4. Who cares for Street Fighter?
    after experiencing MK9 and inJustice, that is WHAT a real fighter should be!
    not “hadoken to spam+opponent jump to avoid+shoruken to push away incoming opponent”:/

    what features can they even add in Next gen?
    more rip offs:
    pay for extra costumes and characters, releaste ultimate edition.

    • This would make sense if both Netherrealms studio didn’t do the DLC stuff that Capcom did

      The problem is that they did it

  5. japanese developers talk about resources all the time and are rarely referring to money you ingrates

    this more than likely means their development power is tied up in other things and a fighter hasn’t been greenlit by the execs at this time

  6. That’s what they get,flipping a-holes

  7. CLAW_MACHINE says:

    What are these “beloved franchises” you speak of? If it’s Megaman, MM has a fervently vocal fanbase, but its success is often exaggerated. On Capcom’s all-time sales charts, MM2 places at 33rd, with a few other star titles like MMX trailing behind it:

    Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil may Cry, and Street Fighter have historically fared better. Monster Hunter will keep Capcom solvent in Japan for at least a little while, and Ultra SF4 will give them a boost in sales.

    I’m not defending Capcom’s recent business decisions, or saying that they aren’t facing financial trouble. But it’s sensational pandering to outright declare that the company will die soon and that they kill off franchises that are implied to have been their lifeblood.

    • astarisborn94 says:

      Mega Man is definitely a beloved franchise. It is the franchise that put Capcom on the map and many people see Mega Man as the face of Capcom. Mega Man is even debuting in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game, which is really big news. Mega Man 2, 3 and X are also seen among the best games ever made and Mega Man has released many, many solid games, so it’s no wonder why he is so beloved.

      Mega Man could survive in today’s environment. Detractors will say that Mega Man is no longer able to sell games anymore, but I disagree. Giving Mega Man a rest is something I do agree with, but outright killing him is not something I see happening. The reason why Mega Man hasn’t made a (good) game in three and a half years has to do with the franchise being very, very oversaturated, the stagnation of the franchise, identity crisis and of course Capcom’s horrible management. All of these can be fixed and I believe Mega Man will return if/when all of the above gets fixed. Putting Mega Man on hiatus isn’t the issue; the issue is that Capcom did it in such a terrible way that it seriously damaged their PRs (along with how they’ve treated almost all of their other franchises).

      Also, Ono not being able to make a new next-gen fighter is really bad news no matter how a rational person paints this (can’t even afford a port). Capcom is known for fighting games more than anyone else; if they are incapable of making such titles, how does that not reflect how grave their situation is? I am not going to say they will die next year, but unless Capcom receive a significant turnaround in how they do business, they will go under by the end of this generation. Monster Hunter will help, but it alone won’t save them in the long run.

  8. You are exactly right for all u publishers that feed us garbage for our much loved PSPs and now VITAS, good for u. All those broken games sold us just for the quick buck. Nope I don’t feel sorry for u one bit.

  9. they probably don’t have the resources because they are pouring everything into deep down which is a next generation title

  10. Quest4GloryGamer says:

    As much I want to laugh. I can’t but, I want to say if they are going under Nintendo has the most stock in the company. Anything that they put out is a rist now. I think the best way to go right now is puting out tablet base games to keep them afloat for the time being.

  11. uh, that tweet is referring to Ono’s team, not CAPCOM as a whole and to MANPOWER, not money. I don’t get how that can be a sign of CAPCOM being in trouble. Sure, you can try and bring up the layoffs in their American and European branches, but is that REALLY that big of a deal? Seriously, 2K apparently just shelved 2K Marin but you don’t hear people saying that 2K is going to collapse. Plus, you’d be SURPRISED at how little money ALL companies have in the bank. If CAPCOM is in financial disarray then Take 2, Square Enix, EA, and Sony (ESPECIALLY Sony) are on the verge of collapse.

  12. astarisborn94 says:

    Even with Capcom’s atrocities, I can’t help but feel depressed over this.

    It really is sad to see such a giant fall because of their own actions. Capcom has transcended into a supericonic company known for its many valuable and beloved franchises. They made Mega Man exist, one of my all-time favorite franchise and I also enjoy playing Street Fighter as well. If it weren’t for their abuse of employees today, I would still be playing their games (taking advantage of employees as well as infuriating fans is never acceptable).

    Why is it that Capcom doesn’t understand why they’re in the situation they’re at today? You’d think they would have gotten a rude awakening by now, but the longer the time pass, the less I feel they’ll change from who they are now, which is a huge shame.

    The worst thing about Capcom closing is that if Capcom goes out of business, so many fans heart will be broken once they see what happens to their favorite franchise. At least some of Capcom’s smaller franchise are going to die and even Mega Man is not immune to falling through the cracks. Should Capcom go bust, the hole left by Capcom will never be filled and it will forever be seen by gamers as an example of what happens when a company goes to hell. I just hope that if the worst comes that someone will at least save Mega Man and publishers will take this warning very, very seriously; screw fans over and they won’t be there for you when you die.

  13. And this, my friends, is why DLC is not nearly as profitable as it seems.

  14. I love bashing Capcom, but are we really bashing them for NOT porting Street Fighter 4 a ninth time?

  15. Just a little bit more and on shitty video game company will collapse…

  16. Capcom need to stop with their DLC practices and anti-gamer practices to try and win their fans back. I really loved many of their franchises while growing up and now, it would really suck to see them go.

  17. Capcom need to stop with their DLC practices and anti-gamer practices to try and win their fans back. I really loved many of their franchises while growing up and now, it would be really sad to see them go. Please pull it together Capcom.

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