Capcom is Making Money Despite “Fans” Predictions of Bankruptcy

Bad News for those angry fanboys who rallied against Capcom a few months ago over the 150 Million in the bank story hoping they would go out of business. It seems that it’s time to start eating kentucy fried crow. Capcom is actually making alot more money now. Capcom revealed today  their financial results for their second quarter that ended on Spetember 30. As it states Resident Evil Revelations has sold 1 million copies. The Japanese sales of Phoenix Wright 5 had also met the company’s sales expectations. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sold alot more on the 3DS worldwide more specifically 2.2 million copies and it’s sequel, Monster Hunter 4 as I already stated is a massive juggernaut in sales in Japan blowing past Capcom 2.8 million expectancy meaning by March of next year, the game could sell even more.

A bigger picture is that Resident Evil 5 is the best selling game of all time for Capcom, secondly is Monster Hunter. With a strong sale upbringing in Capcom’s pachinko slot business the company’s net sales for the first six months of its ongoing fiscal year increased by 16.9% over the previous year, while operating income increased by 15.2%. Capcom’s net income in Q2 2013 was up 20 percent year-over-year to to 4,950 million yen which is 50.4 million dollars.

This is good news all around. This confirms that Capcom isn’t going anywhere. And despite the massive hype over Mighty No. 9 the internet made Keji Inafune’s vaporware isn’t upstaging Capcom or “Showing them how it’s done.” Now there is still Dead Rising 3, Ultra Street Fighter 4 to contend with. I think that Dead Rising 3 will sell though with the market’s fixation on zombies and new gaming hardware.

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3 thoughts on “Capcom is Making Money Despite “Fans” Predictions of Bankruptcy

  1. Well, good for Capcom. I’m kinda suspicious though because this is a report about all their heavy hitters, which everyone expects to do well anyway, and all Capcom has ever said recently is stuff that does not inspire confidence in the consumer. Are they still planning DLC for everything? Because if they continue to be successful, it’s probably going to seem in spite of everything they’ve done, not because of it. Might the company’s dubious attitude catch up to them yet?

  2. I like how in the title of the post it says “Fans”

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