Capcom’s Sleeper Sales: Resident Evil 5 and DmC Are Still Selling To This Day

Two of Capcom’s recent maligned games hated by the fanbase because they were different (In which in any other case who be considered racism, but I digress) are still selling copies. Resident Evil 5: Capcom’s best-selling game in the company’s history since Street Fighter 2 has sold even more copies. As of December 31st, 2013 100,000 copies of the game were sold from the recent and 6.5 million copies worldwide. Then there is recent DmC: Devil May Cry. One of the best and most hated games last year actually sold 1.1 million copies as of May 2013 and now has moved 300,000 copies (one of them being my $30) and now has sold 1.4 million copies worldwide.


No doubt the internet backlash these games were given upon their release staggered their sales a while ago. But what’s different now? DmC is extremely cheap on Steam, Free on PSN; I had to pay $30 for my copy. I guess the same can be said about Resident Evil 5 in terms of cheaper prices to move units. I remember Capcom’s 85-95% sale at the New York Comic Con last year. the aboved mentioned games were on sale then.


You know what? If you want a more depth look into this follow this link to see Capcom’s best-selling games. The results will more than likely piss you off. As Resident Evil 6 is Capcom’s 3rd best-selling game ever, DmC sold better than the much overrated DMC3, Monster Hunter 4 is Capcom’s 7th best-selling game.


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