In Case You’re Wondering, Microsoft Has No Plans For Xbox Portable Console.

Microsoft’s new head Phil Spencer took to twitter to address the fans on a long-going subject. When is Microsoft making a portable Xbox handheld? According to Mr. Spencer, Never. Especially when Microsoft already has major portable devices on hand. When a fan on twitter yesterday asked him if Microsoft is making “a handheld Xbox One-like gaming device at E3 or in the future.” He replied with a “I don’t think we’ll do a dedicated handheld gaming device.” He believes that Windows Phones and Windows Tablets make more sense, at least from a Microsoft stand point with hint of “Maybe with controller support someday,” insinuating that maybe Windows Phones and tablets will allow Xbox controllers to work on them.

While he’s at it, Phil Spencer went crazy on twitter hyping Microsoft’s upcoming plans at this years E3 all promising to include games, lots of games. That’s new IP, sequels to existing franchises, and, throwbacks to “neglected” franchises that Microsoft owns. Killer Instinct was the first to come back. Here’s hoping we get a proper Banjoo-Kazooie sequel.

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