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  Since 1954, Godzilla has been terrorizing any monsters that choose to contend for his crown. That spawns over 32 movies animated or otherwise into a total of 65 years of utter domination and carnage. Now on May 31st, just a week away Millie Bobby Brown and her cast of characters are offering a glimpse back into the continuation of that […]

I knew this was going to happen Sonic the Hedgehog movie delayed until February 14,2020. The News info is coming from the Movie Director Jeff Fowler on Twitter. With all the backlash from the first trailer and fans complaining about how sonic looked and some of the actors didn’t fit their correct role. Every delayed is a good thing, they […]

  The largest college E-Sports arena has emerged at Full Sail University. Will this be the start of the NCAA style of E-Sports Stadiums around the U.S.? E-Sports is continuing to grow and develop. Full Sail University had a grand opening for their E-Sports Arena on Tuesday, May 21 and announced their E-Sports team as Armada. Will this become the […]

If your anything like us here at GaminRealm you may have become fatigued over the years by the Terminator franchise constantly pushing out movies with the same narrative and slight alterations to differentiate between them. Towards the last few movies I felt a disconnect from titles that steamed from what I deemed a money grab. After watching this trailer, this isn’t that. […]

  A new Star Wars film is currently in the early stages based on The Knights of The Old Republic, the adored 2003 title released by Bioware for Microsoft platforms at the time.  Sources claim that it is being written by Laeta Kalogridis, known as an executive producer on Avatar and also writing Shutter Island.     Kalogridis was said to be hired […]

It’s a safe bet a new Death Stranding trailer is coming. The question is when? Hideo Kojima posted another photo on his Twitter account of dual monitors prompting the continuation of the hype train of anticipation building on social media. Expanding on his initial imagery from just two weeks ago, this tease includes the man himself sporting sunglasses with his […]

We in the video game community may have our own lists of what dominates the majority of Switch owners precious memory, but Nintendo has made a point to set the record straight. For the month of April 2019 these are the most downloaded titles 1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate2. Fortnite3. Cuphead4. Zelda: Breath of the Wild5. Minecraft6. Mortal Kombat 117. […]