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Crystal Dynamics releases Tomb Raider dlc map pack called shipwrecked its now available for download on Xbox Live ,playstation network and steam. The price is $3.99 that turns out to be (320 microsoft points) the maps are Lost fleet : A huge ship with traps and twist. Himiko’s Cradle: Mountain Top Shrine with a lot of scavengers, download and enjoy no […]

Sony is releasing another ps3 bundle , included in the box is a 500 gb super slim ps3 30 days of playstation plus and final , Grand Turismo 5 XL Edition and Infamous 2. The bundle will be available for $299 in the North America no futher word on release date stay tuned for more info this is a great […]

Gamestop announced today that they will no longer  accept  ps2  trade- ins starting June 1 considering that the ps2 is 12 years old and ps4 making its way to store shelves soon .The ps2 was a very excellent system when it comes to library of games and longevity , this is understandable but we will never forget the impact ps2 […]

GTA 5  is the biggest release this year , the game will also be on Sony’s next gen hardware and ps vita stay tuned for more info. by

This is currently a rumor but Nintendo could be planning to release the new 3D Mario game by October for the Wii U, 3D Mario should be playable at this years E3 until then stay tuned for more info about the game. by

Gearbox has confirmed the last campaign dlc, for borderlands 2 for gamers with season pass its free but for everyone esle the price will be $9.99 that is 800 microsoft points, the pack will be released on ps3 ,xbox 360 & pc on June 25th.   by

Tiger Woods 15 Canceled

EA  reportedly caned Tiger Woods 15  for another two years, instead Tiger Woods 16 will be release on ps4 & the new xbox this is great because EA wants to take advantage of the next gen consoles hardware. by

Watch Dogs Release Date Announced

Watch Dogs finally has a release date November 19 in North America and November 22 in Europe , the game will be available on xbox 360 Playstation 3 wii u & pc. Incrediable action adventure open game very unique the whole world is revolved around a cell phone in game , this is game innovation at its best the will […]

New GTA V Info Coming This Week

Rockstar dropped by in North California last week and invited IGN on a new tour of Los Santos. Rockstar will be releasing three new trailers on the main characters this week. The trailers should be out by Tuesday, April 30th in the early morning. by

Sony released a new video where mostly all developers discuss there favorite features from the new Dualshock 4 remotes they discussed about the the touchpad,light bar,and other features by