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Xbox 720 Official Reveal Date Confirmed

Microsoft Confirms a reveal date for its next gen xbox , on Tuesday May 21 ,2013 stay glued to xbox live & Spike tv. Until then rejoice Xbox fans , the next xbox was called Durango and xbox 720 we just have to wait and see. by

Call of Duty Ghosts Leaked

Call of Duty Ghosts was  accidentally leaked by a British retail store in the UK  called Tesco , the release date is rumoured to be release on November 5 , 2013 for Xbox 360 and Ps3.Stay tuned for more info regarding the game. by

Rumor have been heard about the new Batman: Arkham Orgins for wii u,ps3,360,and  even pc according to the rumors it will hit stores October 25th of 2013  and that it is a prequel that we will see Batman fight off over 7 different assassins who have come to Gotham City to destroy him this new game will include at least one type of multiplayer mode where you get […]

Gran turismo 6 Leaked

Gran Turismo 6 finally coming out with some leaked info it should be coming out November 28 of 2013 an Italian site has the game available for pre-order  and maybe some artwork of the game itself   and says the game the item is discontinued  kinda suspicious for something that hasnt came out ? came out ? by

New 3DS XL Color in the UK

When it comes to video games, and brands like Sony and Nintendo Japan usually gets things first. Sometimes America and the UK get things around the same time, not always. In this case, America has the pink 3DS XL for one year before the UK. That’s right this May 31st the UK will be getting the pink 3DS XL to […]

Jak and Daxter coming to the PS Vita

If you were a fan of  the Jak and Daxter series for the PS2 (The Precursor legacy, Jak 2, and Jak 3) then you probably know that Sony released the series remastered on the PS3. Well now Sony is planning on releasing the same series on the PS Vita, available in Europe and North America for $29.99 in each countries […]

Microsoft Free Offer

For everyone who has the XBOX 360 who have been wanting the Gold Live membership here’s your chance. Microsoft is giving away free Gold Live memberships up until Monday April 22nd at 1:00 pm for the United States, Latin America, Japan, and Canada. As an added bonus, Microsoft will upgrade any current Live member to Gold status, no matter what […]

FIFA 14 Annoucned

FIFA 14 embargo has been lifted the game will be released later this year , for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC no word yet on next gen system release. by

Lost Planet 3 Delayed

Lost Planet 3 has been delayed until August 27th for North America and August 30th in Europe , the original release date was June 28th. Stay tuned for more info about the game. by

Namco Bandai has confirmed an official release date for Tales of Xillia , Gamestop release date was wrong it was a whole month differents from the official date. The game will be release on August 6 only on ps3. by