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It seems that we will have another wii u bundle, this one has not been announced for the us yet, it comes with Splatoon and Mario kart 8 which makes it a pretty good bundle to get considering two of the best wii u games or in the bundle. so will you be getting it, tell me in the comments. […]

Sonic Lost World Launches On Steam

Sonic lost world, the wii U exclusive that was launched in 2013 is now coming to steam. It will cost 20 pounds/30 dollars and will come with a copy of Sonic Racing Transformed. it will have the nights dlc included with the game which was original pre order dlc for the deadly six edition of the game, will you be buying […]

A new character has been announced playable in the 3ds port of hyrule warriors(hyrule warriors legends). The character is the main villain of Majora’s mask, skull kid. We already got  link as dlc back when Majora’s mask 3D was first released. Also Phantom Ganon is a boss and he uses the ocarina during battle. The game will be released on […]

Today on twitter Dr. Serkan Toto  said you should expect a DeNa announcement soon, “About that first Nintendo-DeNA mobile game: Expect the unexpected, and soon”. so how soon do you think it will be, tell me in the comments. by

Rare Amiibo to be Restocked at Select Retailers

Today, Nintendo of America has confirmed that Shulk, Little Mac, Lucario, Captain Falcon, and Fox amiibo would be restocked at select retailers on it’s social media pages. “Look who’s back! Little Mac, Greninja, Shulk, Lucario, Fox & Captain Falcon will be restocked @ select retailers soon” -Nintendo of America on Twitter With these being some of the rare amiibo that […]

Today we got a few new stages and some more mii costumes that everybody forgets they bought, they already announced the Mario maker stage but that isn’t the only stage that came out today, they’re also bringing the pirate ship stage as DLC, but its wii u only. thankfully for 3ds owners though you get the wii u duck hunt […]

A few weeks ago we got a lot of info about games release dates, However we did not get the release date for Mario tennis in the US, We now have that info, it is going to be released on November 20th, The same day that Europe will get it, will you be buying this game tell me in the […]

Just after Bandai namco Europe announce its coming to Europe, bandai namco us announce its coming there as well. the us version will also be on ps4, vita and xbox one. will you be buying this. by

Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced that One piece burning blood will be coming to europe. The game will be released on ps4, psvita and xbox one for some reason, its a shame that it wont come out on pc as of yet but i’m still hoping for a port. We still dont know about any us release but like every […]

Back in 2010 nintendo started a release type called nintendo selects, this was a re release of selected wii games for a cheaper price of about 30 dollars, today they announced that they will do the same for the 3ds with 6 games in october the 16th. the 6 games are Zelda a link between worlds, star fox 64 3D […]