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This is a representation of various card games As a Full Sail game design student, I’ve already taken three classes towards my bachelor degree. Since the start of my journey of becoming a game designer, I’ve had the pleasure of creating and designing my very own analog card game, like Uno, from scratch. The parameters of what the game needed […]

A little over a week has passed since we’ve gotten word that Cadence of Hyrule : Crypt of the Necrodancer was possible to release on May 30th, 2019. Well, that did NOT happen.   According to NintendoLife and most likely the same Twitter user, by the name of NWPlayer123 that reviewed the Nintendo of America source code the first time stated to be May 30th, […]

Will This Be A Game Changer? Here it is, we haven’t even made it to the official release date for the biggest MOBA in Paragon to be set free on our consoles later this June 2016. Already we have another MOBA which threatens to break open and take the console gaming market by storm. If you haven’t heard of King […]

On February 2  Nintendo’s developer support Twitter account Akinwale Lakeru got in contact with Toby Fox the creator of the Undertale series.  This has many Nintendo fans speculating about the possibility of the hit PC game Undertale coming to the Wii U platform.  Nothing at the moment is confirmed but seeing that Nintendo Developer support is in contact with the developer […]

Mutant Mudds Deluxe is set to be coming to Playstation Plus this week for free. Mutant Mudds is a 2-D platformer that will be a part of the Playstation Plus North American Instant Game Collection. This will follow the store’s update tomorrow. PS Plus will be having new offers starting every Tuesday of each month. There will be two PS4, two […]

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth designer, Edmund McMillen, has given some details on the new co-op feature in the game. Once the second player presses start, a random baby will materialize. Spawning this baby will cost Issac (player 1) one heart container. The damage caused from the players’ attacks will be lowered in order to maintain the game’s balance. The second player […]

A new game titled, Entwined, has been announced for the Playstation 4 and is available right now. Entwined is a story about two souls who are in love, but cannot get to each other. The player controls both characters at once using both the left and right analog sticks, guiding them through obstacles. There are nine “lifetimes”, and the player […]

Indiecade will be returning to E3 once again, and will be showcasing 34 independent titles. Indiecade made a press release that came out yesterday giving the lineup of games: “HOHOKUM [PlayStation 4] by: (Presented by SCEA) developed by Honeyslug for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, Hohokum is an expressive and mesmerizing universe where players take on the role of a […]

Indie studio, Exkee’s Kill the Bad Guy has been confirmed for release on May 28. The object of the game is to, as the title suggests, kill the bad guy. However, the player must make the whole thing look like an accident. The player can use traps and the elements around them to get the job done. The game will […]

The Wii U exclusive Metroid-like Indie Game Twisted Fusion Is at £2,466 funded so Far Just 534 shy of its  £3,000 goal.  with just 9 days to go till its funding period is over the game looks as though it may not actually reach its initial goal, but  534 isn’t really that big of an amount when it comes down to […]