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Sony has been a great leader in the gaming industry with innovation and ground breaking technology, but did they jump the gun with the PlayStation 5 early release specs. Details of the new information from PlayStation 5 was brought forward as a surprise by Mark Cerny. We’ve got no footage of PlayStation 5 in terms of demos or sneak peeks […]

If you’re interested in purchasing a gaming laptop with some high end specs, look no further as Amazon Prime Day 2019 will be available to benefit from great discounts on July 15th and 16th. After seeing some of the deals that CNET displayed would be available, I wanted to show two great deals that were mentioned that I would highly suggest that […]

From Bold Business Imagine the price of all video game content goes up in price. Instead of 59.99 (plus state sales tax), you pay anywhere more than that for a standard edition game. There’s a proposal from within the U.S. Government and our favorite Trump Administration, that plans to place tariffs on merchandise being imported from China. Sony, Nintendo, and […]

If you don’t frequent Target it may be time to make that trip. This week the retailer is offering 30% off a plethora off Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch games as long as you select “Order Pick Up” at check out. Meaning ultimately that you’ll have to make an appearance in your local store to acquire these savings. Some […]

If you were looking for the right time to snag a new pair of AirPods or an Apple Watch the time is now. Currently on Amazon you can pick up the Apple Airpods for $179.99 ($20 savings) And the Apple Watch Series 3 for $199.00 ($80 savings) Both come with free shipping at the time of this writing. Will you […]

Google Stadia has just announced their first pre order bundle known as the Founder’s Edition. This will include several items that will be discussed in this article. I first want to air out the skepticism that I have heard people talking about. This service will allow you to keep the games that you already purchased, even after you decided to […]

Source: Your iPhone and Apple TV will soon become compatible with your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Controllers. According to The Verge, tvOS and iOS updates (iOS 13 to be exact) will feature this new connectivity. Apple is launching a new arcade service that will support the controller’s functionality. Apple Arcade is a game subscription service that will have more than one […]

So this is some pretty interesting news, Cuphead, developed by Studio MDHR, will be playable on a platform not many would have ever guessed: Tesla’s electric cars. The news came from a weekly Tesla podcast, Ride the Lightning. by

Apple is reportedly going to get rid of iTunes at WWDC 2019 on June 3rd. This report is from Bloomberg which talks about Apple’s future and what to expect from the conference on Monday. Apple is moving into a future where the iPhone is not the central piece for other products and services. The updates of Apple’s OS and a new […]

MacRumors has reported that in upcoming phones Apple will be stepping away from the 3D touch feature as a way to cut costs in lieu of declining phone sales. We have included an excerpt from the original article below: Following up its exciting 2020 iPhone design news, the ever-excellent MacRumors has dug down into information from that report to “confirm” Apple is going to abandon 3D […]