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Now, the gaming pheonomon known as Portal will go the way of pratically every big hit game that went from PC to Consoles and now will hit Mobile. More specifically, the Nvidia Shield. Because Valve and Nvidia are now working on an Android version, coming “soon.” “Our companies have a strong history working together and we’re looking forward to Portal‘s […]

Today, MSI unveiled their GS60 Ghost, a 15.6-inch thin and light gaming laptop powered by the 800m series GPU. What is known about the laptop is that it’s packing : A 2.4GHz / 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 Haswell processor A 1,920 x 1,080 resolution display Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics card. You can get the GS60 Ghost with either a 128GB SSD and […]

EVGA has announced new 6GB variants of its Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 and 780 Ti cards. Nvidia partnered up with EVGA to offer  the new 6GB  models of the Cards after news emerged at the CeBIT event that Sapphire was launching a pair of 8GB Radeon R9 290X cards, piling the pressure on Nvidia to up the Ante in order […]

Gamepad profile to be increased, Mario Kart 8 to be released in May, fast start up of Gamepad designed so can play without TV quickly — David Gibson (@gibbogame) January 30, 2014 May 2014 is a banner date for Nintendo and Sony and the month of May is important for both companies seeing as though they hope this month will […]

Nintendo today revealed their new limited edition Mega Charizard 3DS XL and there will only be one. But, you can’t buy it and odds are if you aren’t into competitive Pokémon playing then you will never have it. This rare black Mega Charizard 3DS XL was given to the winner of the  Pokémon X and Y Dragon King gaming tournament […]

Classic USB Controllers for PC is selling very useful replicas of classic controllers that can be used on your PC. Ranging from only $15 – $20, you can purchase these awesome controllers modeled after GamceCube, N64, NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis and even Atari. However, PS styled controllers aren’t included but that’s most likely because everyone, including Logitech, already copies that controller style anyway, and […]

This is not surprising in the least bit, seeing as though 90% of people only bought the Xbox One only bought to play Call of Duty Mecha Revolution aka TitanFall and now that that’s out, the console has literally no appeal whatsoever anymore at least until the next big shooter comes out for it. The Kinect is lame, the majority […]

Well, it’s been a while since we talked about the Ouya. I’m happy to see the little console that could isn’t backing down despite industry criticism from industry professionals about it’s appeal and ignorant graphics whores about it’s presentation skills. I’m issue are it’s lack of games but that might be put to rest starting this week as the Ouya […]

It’s the return of Tech News! Yay! We will do it by revealing details of a new upcoming gaming laptop. Yesterday, MSI had announced the new line of high-powered gaming laptops equipped with Nvidia’s brand new GeForce GTX 800M series GPUs, which are capable of supplying speed improvements ranging from 15% to 60% in terms of power when compared to […]

Qanba Q1 Fightstick Review

Before I get started with this review, I would first like to explain to our readers that I don’t have much fightstick experience. I used to play fighters in the arcades back in the day, but that was roughly some 6-7 years ago, and I never owned one of my own until now. So I can’t say that I can […]