Xbox One Updated Used Games Policy and Other Restrictions

So…are you curious about the new policies concerning the Xbox One? Well here it is..there are none, there are no more used game restrictions, no more “always connected” or anything that was once required to make the Xbox One functional is no longer needed. What you see with the Xbox 360 and current games with trade-ins is […]

T-Mobile and Sony’s Xperia Z Smart-Phone

Sony’s newest smart phone android, the Xperia Z will be available on T-Mobile in the next coming weeks. There hasn’t been an announcement for the price or pre-order yet, but I expect we will find out shortly. The Xperia Z comes with a 5in, 1080p display screen, “Snapdragon’s 1.5GHz quad-core S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and […]

Xbox 360, the Offline Gamer’s Console

An interview with Microsoft’s Don Mattrick asked what will gamers who have absolutely no internet connection do with “an always connected Xbox One?” The answer: Xbox 360. With Microsoft’s newest version of the Xbox 360 show cased at E3 recently, players who have absolutely no internet connection will have to enjoy Xbox with the Xbox […]

E3 2013: Alienware’s Epic

As gamers, we haven’t seen any huge new designs from Alienware for a while now, but code name “Epic” signify a new Alienware labtop, a new way we experience gaming with their products! Epic will have new aluminum and magnesium alloy casing, brand new keyboard, and state-of-the-art components. Alienware’s Epic serves to mark a new […]

Xbox One: New Turtle Beach Designs

Turtle Beach has partnered with Microsoft to design a totally new line of gaming headsets for the Xbox One. For those who haven’t found out more terrible news concerning the Xbox One, the Xbox One controllers feature a new audio jack that will not work with any current gaming headsets. An adapter will be connected […]