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MacRumors has reported that in upcoming phones Apple will be stepping away from the 3D touch feature as a way to cut costs in lieu of declining phone sales. We have included an excerpt from the original article below: Following up its exciting 2020 iPhone design news, the ever-excellent MacRumors has dug down into information from that report to “confirm” Apple is going to abandon 3D […]

For those of us whom are skeptical about technology getting too hands on whether it be from watching too many Terminator movies or from having parents who just cant get with the times, Amazon has a new feature for its digital assistant Alexa that is sure to please. Here’s a snippet from The Financial Post that details the coming feature: […]

Apple Reintroduces the iPod Touch

  Apple has updated the iPod Touch which was last seen on the market in 2015. The new iPod will include an A10 Fusion chip, which was first used in the iPhone 7. It will have a 4 inch display and supports iOs 12. The device doesn’t support Touch ID or Face ID, so you’ll have to use a passcode. But it’s […]

At the AMD Computex 2019 Keynote today it was revealed that Sony’s next-generation PlayStation will be powered by AMD’s new RDNA architecture, which is a product of the AMD “Navi” line. by

Microsoft is continuing to have leaks in their upcoming presentation at E3 2019. There has been a rumor about a purple limited edition Xbox One S Fortnite console. The console is said to be included with 2000 V-bucks of in game currency, along with the Blu-Ray drive. This could mean that this console will more than likely be the last […]

This Controller is going to be a game changer for the Nintendo Switch, currently switch has no controller with this built in feature. Native chat support is a must for Switch with companies like Discord and Vivox Working with third party developers to implement a SDK for switch online games . The future looks bright for Nintendo Online chat support. […]

Giant EU Playstation Store Sale

It’s a great time to pick up that game you’ve always wanted. If you’ve been saving up your cash waiting for the right time to purchase that title you’ve had your eyes on, chances are it’s on this list. Below is the full list at the time of this writing. Assassin’s Creed® Origins – DELUXE EDITION Assetto Corsa ATV Drift […]

With initial information pertaining to the successor of the PS4 releasing to the masses, analysts are beginning to make their predictions public. Notably Ace Research Institute Analyst Hideki Yasuda whom is well respected in Japan due to his predictions in the gaming market, has released his forecast for the next gen console.  Yasuda-san expects a launch in November 2020. Assuming […]

The best gaming Mouse out of the 7 mouses that i have received from Benq  is the EC1-A, its is very lightweight and user friendly just plug in and go. The drivers update automatically if you’re using Windows 10. The mouse features two side buttons on top left side. You can go back and forth using to two buttons easily, […]

The company PGS Lab shared new information about the development of its portable game console. The layout of the PCB with all internal components of the device is complete, a unique cooling system using two coolers and a radiator is developed. All components of the device are made for maximum productive use in games. The release of the device is […]