Cliff Bleszinski Coming Out of Retirement

Gears of War designer, Cliff Bleszinski has announced that he will officially be coming out of retirement and go back to making games.

Last year on Twitter, he hinted a number of times that a comeback could be coming and on June 30, he finally confirmed he’d be making a return.


It is unknown what projects he’ll be working on, but it looks like we’ll get more information in the next few days.

There was however, concept art of a new IP that Bleszinski shared back in August. It is possible that this will be the first title we see from him since his retirement.


What games do you want to see from Bleszinski?



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2 thoughts on “Cliff Bleszinski Coming Out of Retirement

  1. I’d like to see him design a serious FPS exclusive to the Wii U. It already has a couple of 3rd person shooters, now it needs a traditional FPS.

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