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The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Review

Developed by The Astronauts, a Polish studio made up of the original three founders of People Can Fly (best known for games like Painkiller and Bulletstorm), The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a paranormal adventure game that follows the story of Paul Prospero. Paul is a paranormal investigator with the ability to visualize the past once certain clues have been […]

Lococycle Review

Developed by Twisted Pixel (the people behind Splosion Man and The Gunstringer) and released as a launch title for the Xbox One (with subsequent releases on the Xbox 360 and PC three months later), Lococycle is an on-rails shooter with an incredibly wacky premise. A highly advanced military grade motorcycle codenamed IRIS is being fixed up by her mechanic named […]

The Counting Kingdom Review

Developed by Little Worlds Interactive, The Counting Kingdom has you taking the role of the young Apprentice, a wizard in training who’s suddenly thrust into the job of saving the kingdom from an incoming horde of monsters. He’ll need to travel across the entire kingdom, protecting any and every castle wall from oncoming attacks, all while building up his magical […]

Boo Bunny Plague Review

Developed by On the Level Games, Boo Bunny Plague follows the story of Bunny, a robot toy that’s brought to life after a computer virus is installed by his creator which inadvertently makes him sentient. After expressing his happiness to be alive to his creator, he then kills his creator, battles a T-Rex and becomes a space bounty hunter alongside […]

Roundabout Review

In a world, where video games like to play by the rules, one game stands to break a couple. That game? Roundabout. When Dan Teasdale, who’s probably best known for his work on games like Destroy All Humans and The Gunstringer, helped co-found No Goblin, a Seattle based game studio last year, many people wondered what his first game would […]

Shovel Knight Review

Shovel Knight is a charming indie platformer developed by Yacht Club Games. It brings that classic old school Nintendo feeling back all over again, and I don’t just mean stylistically. Pretty much everything about this game embodies the NES era and it feels just as polished. Shovel Knight is available for 3DS, Wii U, PC, Mac, and Linux. The version […]

Sniper Elite III Review

A game based in World War 2, Sniper Elite III is very much about being tactical the tagline is “Observe. Plan. Execute. Adapt”. Every level, which is supposedly three times bigger than those found in Sniper Elite 2, starts with a cutscene explaining the current situation, as well as dropping hints about the best way to prepare. You are then […]

Child of Light Review

Child of Light is a whimsical, yet somewhat dark RPG/platformer game that takes heavy influence from story book fairy tales. The world has a magical charm to it, and takes a somewhat interesting spin on your traditional RPG. Child of Light was developed by Ubisoft for a multitude of platforms, but bare in mind, my experiences came from the Wii […]

Strider Review

15 years after the release of Strider 2 on the original PS1, Strider finally gets a well deserved reboot. Does it hold up well compared to the originals? Well first I can easily say that Strider is very true to the original game in terms of gameplay mechanics, but it also adds onto the formula for a fresh new experience. […]

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review

Anyone that has been following for some time now, will know that there has been some debate surrounding Assassin’s Creed 4. There is no doubt that Ubisoft has been milking this franchise because of its success, but I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised with this game. Whether your tired of playing or seeing these games really doesn’t […]