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Battlefield 4 Review

The newest game of the Battlefield series, BF4 released last month, October 29, 2013. BF4 offers a campaign feature and Battlefield’s trademark multiplayer experience with a vast upgrade of weapons, vehicles, gadgets and more. But first, lets go into the campaign, which is rather short and can tackle quickly. CAMPAIGN: The campaign of Battlefield 4 is one of its own, […]

PayDay 2 Review

First I will say that this game is one of the most fun games you will ever play. The only exception is if you don’t have any friends to play with, the game doesn’t deliver. You don’t have to be littered with buddies hitting you up all the time, but at least two other friends to play with. This game […]

Saints Row IV Review

Since the release of the original Saints Row back in 2006, Volition has shown us what over the top gaming is. Trying to compete with Grand Theft Auto and its crazy antics, Volition has put their skills to test to show us that they are not afraid to do absolutely anything. Let’s fast forward to 2013 where Volition has released […]

Universe Sandbox Review

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is a Universe Sandbox. Meaning it is a universe simulation game. How many of us can honestly say that when we look up at the night sky we don’t wonder and feel mesmerized by the shear thought that we are so small compared to what we are looking at. We have all had this feeling, […]

Scourge Outbreak Review

How does Tragnarion Studios’ 3rd-person shooter stack against the rest of the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN libraries? To be blunt and straight-to-the-point, not very well. While this is just a $20 game and from a smaller development studio, Scourge Outbreak still manages to underwhelm. The game starts off by introducing the main character, who is actually nameless and instead uses your Xbox/PS3 […]

Deadpool Review

There are soo many superhero games out there it gets tiring. Luckily Deadpool is a villain, not only a villain but a funny one,  well atleast it’s what they attempt. This game has so much bad with it, it makes it hard to admire the good parts, which isn’t very often. Now I will try my best not to spoil […]