Controller Chaos Iron Man PS4 Controller Review

As a first time attendee of C2E2 (Chicago’s Comic & Entertainment Expo) I was looking for a piece of memorabilia that both captured the spirit of my experience and would give me practical day-to-day enjoyment. With the Controller Chaos Iron Man PS4 Controller I was able to accomplish both of those things.

Simple yet elegant, the controller features the arc reactor design around the power button and the traditional hot rod red color scheme with gold accents complimenting both ends of the controller. After the events of Avengers: Endgame its like having a piece of Stark technology at your fingertips that you can use to carry the torch all the way to your trophy section.

The controller is durable and feels great in your hand but if by chance you were to receive defective merchandise Controller Chaos offers a two month warranty which should cover any issues not rooted in user error or abuse.

After over 200+ hours of use I would proudly recommend this controller or any other of the Controller Chaos brand pieces of equipment for utilization along your gaming journey.

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