Cory Barlog Wants a God of War TV Series, and We Do Too

With Netflix dominating tv screens all over the globe with countless original series, how cool would it be to see the God of War in an episodic television format? The beloved director of 2018’s Game of the Year wants to see the story Kratos transcend video game consoles. While answering a fan’s question via Twitter, Cory Barlog expresses his interest in a God of War movie/television with lots of excitement. Check it out in the excerpt below.

It seems like the idea to bring God of War to the silver screen has been in the air for over a decade. With so many talented actors in the movie industry, who would take on the task of playing PlayStation’s greatest story-driven hero? Where would the series begin? Would we ever see Atreus? Whatever happens, we hope that Cory Barlog is behind it.

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