Crash Bandicoot’s Original 2D Animated Cutscenes Released

Before being published by Sony on the original PlayStation, Naughty Dog and Universal Interactive Studios were planning on using these now recently released 2D animated cutscenes in the original Crash Bandicoot (people have been calling this footage from a failed Crash Bandicoot animated series pilot; that is not the case, and I just wanted to make that clear). The game’s director David Siller gave the uploader permission to put these cutscenes on YouTube. You can watch them below.

According to the uploader, there may be more cutscenes left to show us. I really enjoy these cutscenes since they really embody how cartoons were in the 90’s. I honestly wish they would have used them instead of the 3D cutscenes in the final game. Regardless, Crash Bandicoot is a classic worth playing to this day.

Now let’s just hope for a current gen Crash Bandicoot game…

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