Decorate The World In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We recently covered the announcement of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The title which has been delayed until March 20,2020 will see players returning to the world of Animal Crossing in a new and more impactful way.

While watching the trailer I noticed the player was living in a tent. Now in previous titles that was no big deal as we soon upgraded to a home and then perpetually threw ourselves into debt with the assistance of Tom Nook. But it remains to be seen if you will have to stay in a tent or if you can graduate to a big bad mortgage payment soon after.

The reason I believe we may find our villager staying in a tent is the new ability to decorate the whole world. That may be the trade off for that much influence and power over your surroundings. However I think it is safe to say we would much rather have the ability to own a home and decorate the world as we see fit.

Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing developments and other gaming news right here at GaminRealm.

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