Despite Their Major Efforts,Spike’s Annual Video Game Show Still Sucked….Apparently

Let’s get something straight. I don’t watch Spike TV’s Video Games Award show and I didn’t watch it this year but, I’ve been hearing from all of my colleagues left and right that this year was pretty bad too. From what I’ve read,

There were trailers for games, Nintendo completely flaked out during the show revealing something that everyone already knew, The most popular game won the show’s best of the year award as opposed to the actual best game of the year but that is up for debate. Lame-ass jokes that fell flat on it’s face and more awkward moments than telling a random stranger that you yell out your mother’s name while having sex. The kick-ass Mega 64 was there  and pre-rendered 20 second trailers that shows absolutely nothing. Again this is from what I’ve been told not from what I say.

I never understood why the Spike Video Game Awards or whatever the hell they want to call it even try anymore. They don’t appeal to real gamers, they appeal to the outsider, the ignorant consumer that thinks all console gaming consists of games where you kill stuff that only guys who care would get boners over. Which is appropriate seeing as though the channel itself is predominately for a male bro-d-bag-hood-rat-ish audience that watches their crap aka the supposed target audience for the supposed Game of the Year: GTA V. In fact, they lost my viewership and all credibility as any source of video gaming validation since they made Madden Game of the Year.

In terms of games, I feel it’s like for their nominations they just Googled what were the most popular game at that time as opposed to looking for which game pushed our medium forward in terms of innovation. At least in terms of say, Nintendo they were just working with the cards they were dealt with of course they were going to award it to Mario the VGA’s never give the winner a Nintendo award for every first-party Nintendo game.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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2 thoughts on “Despite Their Major Efforts,Spike’s Annual Video Game Show Still Sucked….Apparently

  1. It was the Worst Gaming Awards I’ve ever seen, Absolute Garbage… #Low Budget lol

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