Details Of Batman Arkham Knight-ScreenShots Included.

Batman is my favorite superhero next to Spider-Man. So the idea of a new Batman Arkham games makes me severely excited. Below to go with my ecstatic enthusiasm, are details of certain updated and new aspects of changing the Arkham series formula to introduce innovation to the series since Arkham City in 2011.

“The opportunity is exciting, but the expectation [from fans] is off the scale,” Rocksteady producer Dax Ginn said to VG247 about the Arkham Knight. “That’s why working with DC is so awesome for us, because those guys are so experienced, and it’s obviously something they do a lot of.

So when the idea was on the table for us to develop our own character and introduce that into Batman’s world, there was so much energy and excitement around it at Rocksteady – but we really were conscious of the value of the collaboration creatively we have with DC to make sure the gameplay role the Arkham Knight has is really reflected in his appearance and his outlook and his perspective.


New Original Villian: The Arkham Knight


That’s not an opportunity that comes along very often, and I think we totally nailed it with this guy.

RockSteady promises a massive overhaul on the combat as the freefight system has evolved into a more brutal beast:


We’ve expanded the freefight combat system. Brand new moves. brand new techniques for Batman to use. He’s disarming this guy. He’s taking that baseball bat and he’s using it against his mates.

Weapon-steal is a brand-new feature of freeplay combat. He can use that as long as he wants or until it smashes on the face of some poor dude. Sweet moves! That guy is going to try to take Batman down. Gaz took him out with a bat and a throw counter and—YES! This is a sweet combination of moves, man. A sweet combo.

So gliding obviously an immense part of Batman’s navigation in Arkham City. In Arkham Knight, we’ve introduced a brand new concept: gadgets while gliding. GWG, we call it. So, at any time, you can deploy the line launcher to give us a perch.

Quickly, Robin! To The Batmobile! You can indulge in your Batmobile fantasies and car chases the bad guys. Also Bats can channel his inner Spidey as the Batmobile can drive/climb on walls and ceilings.

So we have designed this in collaboration with DC Comics. An incredible honor. What an amazing opportunity to design your own Batmobile, something that the studio has been incredibly focused on, giving it a lot of energy, and you’re going to see a lot of incredible features from this vehicle as it augments Batman’s abilities in every possible way. Number one, we’ve got to light some tires, hit the afterburner and we are off.

As you’d expect, the Batmobile comes fully equipped with gadgetry as well. Gaz is going to use immobilizer rockets, a non-lethal vehicle takedown to take this vehicle down and interrogate the driver. Opening shot. Nice! Good damage.

We poured all of our heart and soul into this and put the Batmobile in the epicenter of Arkham Knight. But what’s the Batmobile without the entirety of Gotham City to drive through and destroy the way that Gaz has done? But number three, that power fantasy of being Batman in this, the epic conclusion that we have created to the Rocksteady Arkhamtrilogy.

All of those considerations have been the things we’ve been driving towards ever since Arkham Asylum. The promise of being the Batman is always what we’ve been all about. The power fantasy of being the Dark Knight. In his city. Being in complete control.

So, having said that, Batman should be able to walk out of that door and walk into the streets of the city that he protects without a worry in the world.


Batman Arkham Knight will come out for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Another game that the Wii U will miss but we aren’t talking about that. The game will come out in October like always.

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