Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Looks Like It Was Done Right

From PS3HD602 on YouTube, we get our first looks at the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Demo and my word this game looks amazing. I am on record saying that I believe I’m the biggest DB fan there is and I have seen pretty much every adaptation that Toei Animation and Funimation has broadcasted, and understand the timeline of Dragon Ball canonically. With that being said, Dragon Ball Z begins after the events of Dragon Ball and shortly after reuniting with his friends, Goku is faced with his first view of a Sayian named Raditz, his older brother. Raditz kidnaps Goku’s son, Gohan and Goku teams up with Piccolo to save his son.

Those facts are basically common knowledge to fans of the series and anyone who has played any of the DB video game titles. This title really pushes the envelope to identify as being the game most fans always desired – a game that allows for total exploration. While Dragon Ball games have had elements of exploration in the past, they were either instanced to a degree or it was a pin point on the map that you could initiate a battle sequence, for example Ultimate Tenkaichi. This demo above is played well to display side quests and even having Goku ride the Flying Nimbus! The only gameplay that would make this a total complete buy day one for me, is if Snake Way and King Kai’s training is completely included in this game. If the one year’s time in the other world is included, this would mark the first game to ever fully render the entire story of DB and execute it on your own.

Another part in the story that I would enjoy to see, are the training days on the Capsule Corp ship while in travel to Planet Namek. As a matter of fact, if all the events were included, not just the Captain Ginyu fight and all the Frieza forms, I’d be thoroughly impressed. Another idea I could see this game expanding upon is the Instant Transmission, allowing you to transport to any previous place you’ve been to. Allow me to I.T. to King Kai’s Planet to train or do side quests there. If this is going to be a full Legacy of Goku style game, then I have no doubt that all the events, possibly even DB Super will be included. The thoughts going through my mind are endless and I cannot wait to see more of this stunningly made new entry in the Dragon Ball series of games!

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