Dragon Quest Walk for Mobile Devices Approaches

A new Dragon Quest game that is a fully-flushed out RPG is coming to mobile devices. This Dragon Quest game will take features from Pokemon Go, in the aspect of location-based events that will include monster battles, and talking to townsfolk and leveling up your character. If you’re a fan of the Dragon Quest series, I truly believe you will not want to miss this mobile game that will indeed keep you active and out of the house.


Here’s a preview of what Dragon Quest Walk will deliver to your mobile device. Hopefully sooner than later. The Verge

I’m off and on into the Pokemon Go style mobile game, personally not interesting me as much as I would like. I felt that something was missing. But seeing that Dragon Quest Walk will allow you to set way points to other locations and participate in Dragon Quest traditional style battles with monsters and create your avatar and participate in quests will definitely keep me busy. I hope there’s not a pay to play feature involved because money will definitely be spent. It’s unsure if Dragon Quest Walk will be available to all regions but hopefully it is.

Are you excited to see what Dragon Quest Walk has to offer? Let us know your thoughts about adventuring on your mobile device.

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Source: https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/2/18650055/dragon-quest-walk-announced-square-enix-pokemon-go

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