Dynasty Warriors: Zelda….Or Hyrule Warriors Coming For Wii U in 2014

Wow…..Totally did not see that coming. Nintendo has announced along with a long list of their announcements that the upcoming Zelda Wii u game will actually be a spin-off game. Its a Dynasty Warriors clone-like-Zelda theme game tentatively entitled: Hyrule Warriors and on top of that, it’s being developed by Tecmo Koei: The Kings of Dynasty Warriors rehashes.

This game will be the first original Zelda title for the Wii U and this game will be the 4th Most beloved Japanese Intellectual Property that has been given the Dynasty Warriors treatment behind Hokuto no Ken: Fist of the North Star which sucked, The Gundam series…which sucked and recently One Piece and guess what…that sucked too. These crossovers are generally not very good but they are mostly marketed and consumed by the fans of said property. As well as the fact that Dynasty Warriors has used Zelda costumes for one of their games in the past

For those of you that don’t know Dynasty Warriors is a highly repetitive hack/slash game in which you control one character using anime like super-powers to take on thousands of enemies at once. It has been called mindless fun and it has been said: “Played one Dynasty Warriors game, you’ve played them all” I’ve never played a DN game though I’ve played Capcom’s contemporary knock-off Sengoku Basara which plays similar. I love mindless hack/slash games so this one will be one my must-have list.

This game will headline the Year of Wii U in 2014.



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