What EA Plans for Future Star Wars Titles

EA has commented that they’re interested in making future Star Wars games similar to how Warner Bros. did the Batman video games. They are not looking to recreate the film in the video game, but simply create a new story within the universe of that topic. EA gained license for Star Wars and the license is to last for ten years. Already in production EA has the battlefield developers, DICE working on making the next Star Wars: Battlefront and EA Canada making an open-world Star Wars game. I think we can expect great things from EA making the next Star Wars video games, especially kicking off one of the two most requested games fans wanted out of Star Wars.

Here is the official comment from EA CEO Andrew Wilson about the plans for Star Wars: “What Warner Bros. did with Batman was take the core roots of that IP and manifest that inside the walls of Gotham City and delivered an interactive experience that had real ties to what you would see in the films and what you had read in the comics, while having its own life because it could provide such deep and more immersive storylines. “When we look at the Star Wars properties that’s how we’re looking at it. We’re not trying to build a game that replicates the storyline of any particular film.”

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