Emily Rogers: “Wii U Owners Better Buy Ubisoft Games”

Emily Rogers, a well-known Nintendo insider on the net, has warned Wii U owners on Twitter that they “better buy Ubisoft games.” In the same Tweet, Rogers also mentioned that the 3DS firmware update that will add the Miiverse will be pushed back and the Wii U firmware update is coming sooner than expected:

“3 things. 3DS firmware is no longer coming October. Wii U firmware update is sooner than you think. Wii U owners need to buy Ubisofts games.”

The last part is definitely in-response to the dramatically low sales performance Splinter Cell: Blacklist had on the Wii U. Rogers when into further detail of her 3rd point, emphasizing that the importance of supporting Ubisoft is very crucial.

emily rogers

It sounds like Emily has heard from her sources that Ubisoft was either deeply displeased with Splinter Cell’s sales, or Ubisoft is giving Wii U owners a one-last-chance ultimatum, or both. I don’t know about you guys, but to me this sounds like Ubisoft has made a pretty serious threat to the Wii U user-base behind-the-scenes.

And for those who may not be familiar with Rogers, she’s been spot-on numerous times in the past when it came to past updates and when Nintendo Directs were going to happen, so she’s very reliable.

Nintendo fans: Don’t complain about third-party support if you’re not buying the 3rd-party games.


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26 thoughts on “Emily Rogers: “Wii U Owners Better Buy Ubisoft Games”

  1. LOOK my fellow Nintendo fans, Ubi is ONE of the ONLY 3rd party devs we got. I FUCKING WANT THE DIVISION ON WII U. BUY BUY BUY

  2. astarisborn94 says:

    But you have to remember that Splinter Cell had to deal with contents taken away from the Wii U version, which lead to its poor sales. The Wii U selling pitifully doesn’t help either.

    I think Ubisoft will be pulling support sometimes in 2014 when Watchdogs does not meet expectations. Nintendo needs to go back to the drawing board and understand why the Wii U’s (inevitable) failing happened and don’t repeat this again.

  3. really hope Watch_dogs will do well… jesus… wii u owners… if you don’t buy that kind of games… whats wrong with you.. complaining for more 3rd party support… Watch_dogs is one of most anticipated games coming out, and its coming on your WII U… now… you didnt get GTA… get THIS game…

  4. You should watch xrazorfistx YouTube video Called “In Defense of Nintendo”

    • I watched it. It was great.

  5. ubisoft hasn’t exactly done itself any favors by not showing any watchdogs or Assassins Creed 4 footage for the Wii U. GG ubisoft

  6. Not complaining says:

    Why do people keep mentioning third party support as a reason to bash Wii U? For every good third party release on PS3 and 360 there were 6 bad ones.

    How about we present the facts for a change? Oh no I won’t get Final Fantasy XIII on Wii U. Seriously do you think I care? Square used to be capable of so much. They are just bad now. GTA IV is the worst 3D entry of the series and while GTA V is an improvement it still isn’t close to what Rockstar put out during the PS2 era.

    Soul Calibur IV? Resident Evil 5 and 6? Dragon Age II? Any game bugged to high heaven from Bethesda. Don’t get me started on Bethesda.

    And Capcom. My, my. I wonder why they are going under. Nothing to do with the POS that was Marvel vs Capcom 3? Not like they rushed a broken game and then released the “complete” version 8 months later. And DMC. What a “great” entry this was.

    Why don’t websites start telling me why I should care? MOST (if not all) releases by these money grabbing companies are rushed these days. DLC is technique being abused to nickle and dime us gamers and as a result we are being given half baked games compared to the full games we used to get last generation. But despite the fact they already control our games, it isn’t enough for them.

    How many companies will even be alive to support Nintendo by the end of this gen? Capcom and Square Enix will definitely be dead. And after watching Square fall so hard in a space of 4 years, I wonder if even the bigger ones like Ea, Activision and (ironically) Ubisoft will be what they used to.

    Why doesn’t the media stop talking about third party support for Wii U and focus on the bigger fact on the table. The fact is most of these companies you are so desperate to use against Wii U are being blinded by their greed and desire to nickle and dime their fanbases. Combine that with the fact that these companies put stupidly high budgets (which nobody is forcing them to do) and its pretty clear most of these “third parties” you preach about have their days numbered.

    These companies who back MS and Sony so heavily get paid as much as big blockbuster Hollywood films but it still isn’t enough to satisfy their greed. A lot like to talk about how Nintendo is doomed but given the amount of garbage Capcom, Square Enix and EA have been putting out I reckon they are all doomed long before Nintendo.

    Companies which are trying to control your content in the way these are don’t deserve money and are going to get their comeuppance in the next 3 years as a result of their greed for profits.

    Wii U will have the last laugh when this all comes to pass. Mark my words.

    • Well said

    • I guess nobody wants to read such a long comment.

    • Opinion! Opinion opinion opinion. Opinion opinion opinion opinion!
      Opinion opinion opinion. Opinion opinion.

      Try harder, NDF.

  7. Rumors no truth

  8. I fully expect Ubisoft will drop Wii U support in 2014, not because it really wants to, but because it has to due to the lack of financial incentive based on the sales performance of its 2013 titles.

    We know ZombiU was a commercial failure and the sales of the Wii U version of Splinter Cell were terribly low. Rayman Legends is the only Ubisoft game this year that has any chance of doing well on Wii U, but I still expect its sales will not live up to Ubisoft’s adjusted sales expectations. The fan base of Assassin’s Creed is not on Nintendo consoles, so very few will buy it just like they did with Assassin’s Creed 3. I expect Watch Dogs will suffer greatly as well. Let’s seriously hope Child of Light doesn’t end up getting cancelled.

    • So was the PS3 at launch but Ubisoft stayed by their side.

    • GeezerPleazer says:

      Wow your info is totally wrong. It is obvious you just read the doom and gloom articles about the Wii U and take them as fact. First, you said “We know ZombiU was a commercial failure”. Completely wrong. ZombiU did not lose Ubisoft a single dollar, the game just didn’t make them as much money as they wanted, calling it a commercial failure is just ignorant, the game did not fail as in lost them millions, it just didn’t make ubisoft as much as they had projected. Second, you said “the sales of the Wii U version of Splinter Cell were terribly low”. That is true, but the sales were just as bad on the ps3 and Xbox 360. All these click bait articles say is , oh the Wii u version only accounted for 2% of total sales or whatever. The authors of those articles aren’t intelligent enough to actually look closer at the numbers and realize that the Wii u had about 3.5 million users total vs a combined user base of ps3/360 user base of around 150 million! So if we use simple math we will find that the Wii u version of splinter cell sold to basically .571% of Wii u users. That seems bad until we do some more simple math to figure out what percentage of the user base of ps3 and Xbox 360 actually bought splinter cell. By doing that simple math we will find that the Xbox 360 version sold to about .666% of its user base, and the ps3 version sold to only about .557%. Weird, the game actually sold worse on ps3 than it did on Wii u when we compare how many people actually bought the game out of all the people that own that console. You can’t just say oh the Wii u version sold less than 2% of all sales of splinter cell. That is just dumb. The PS3 and 360 have a combined user base that is 4000% larger than the Wii u user base, and no that is not a typo. Bottom line is the Wii u version of splinter cell sold to almost the same percentage of its user base as the ps3 and 360. People need to start using their brains to actually look closer at the numbers, you will be amazed at how unintelligent most articles are that are spelling the doom and gloom of Nintendo.

  9. It makes me feel Wii U is really dying; can’t believe they want players to carry their mistakes.

  10. She totally wasn’t paid, you guys!

  11. Ghad I mostly buy Ubisoft games on my Wii U than Nintendo’s kiddie exclusives! I’ll be buying Assassin’s Creed 4 & Watch_Dogs I love Ubisoft!

  12. Keep releasing more gems like Rayman Legends and Far Cry 3, and less tripe like Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs (looks like AC in modern times, and it looks awful), and I may consider it.

    After the whole Rayman Legends delay, I think Ubi should just die in a fire. They’re done, they’ve gone the way of Capcom and Square Enix, and it’s not likely they’ll ever return to their former glory. They’ll release something good, every once in a while, I’m sure, but for the most part, it’ll be tripe.

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