Everyone was wrong about Days Gone

After all the negative and sub-par reviews circling the internet about Days Gone, the numbers of sales don’t seem to translate in the favor of the reviews. Nearly two weeks after its release, Days Gone has reached first place in sales.

This game has done nothing but impress in the terms of quality of the environment design, realism in the elements and climate that translate heavily into the bike maneuvering. Days Gone was said to have issues with glitches, frame drops, and bugs in the final build that scared reviewers and potential buyers.

According to Famitsu.com, Days Gone has surpassed God of War and The Last Guardian in physical sales and is on track to become a heavy hitter in the PlayStation library. Many review sites and sources initially scored this game fairly low and yet, Days Gone achieves great numbers and impress many people. How do you feel about Days Gone? Do you enjoy it or not have it yet? Leave a comment below.

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