Ex-Nintendo Employee Hints About A New Smash Bros. Fighter

A former Nintendo of America employee claims to know who the next Smash Bros. fighter is. They said that it is going to be a brand new fighter, so it’ll be someone that we have never seen before in a Smash Bros. title. According to the source, it may not be the top pick on the Smash Bros. ballot, but it is a fighter who’s in high demand.

They also have stated that the character’s announcement will create a lot of buzz in social media, and it wont be a third party character. The DLC will also include a new stage based on the character. I suppose we’ll find out who this mysterious new fighter is quite soon.

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8 thoughts on “Ex-Nintendo Employee Hints About A New Smash Bros. Fighter

    • lucas millington says:

      very probable

  1. spindash games says:

    O inkling

  2. Isaac from Golden sun maybe? I feel Inkling was one of the most voted for characters in the ballet

    • lucas millington says:

      golden sun is third party

      • no it’s not.

        • lucas millington says:

          well maybe cause its second party and he only said its not third party, also he is what i voted for

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