Expect To See Halo 5 Multiplayer On PC

Oh how the many true Microsoft fanboys will rejoice to the news. According to Xbox Wire, the new Forge software from Halo 5 will see its own version exclusively for Windows 10. So what does that mean exactly? It means that you will be able to access everything associated with creating levels and playing with friends(there is a catch).

So Whats The Catch?

The catch is simple, according to Ars Technica who was able to confirm the exact details; with free 4k support, Forge on Windows 10 will allow you to transfer those 4k created maps back to the console to play. You will also be able to play with your friends who are ONLY on your friends list; this means matchmaking will only be possible with the people who are located to your friend list. I say regardless, its about time Microsoft…Its about time. My only wish is that they would allow us to finally play the full game on PC versus only the a portion of it. What do you think? Should this move to Windows 10 prove Microsoft is ready to claim their share of PC sales? Or can this be a move which ultimately returns to bite them in the rear-end?

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