Far Cry 3 DLC All In One Bundle

Today Far Cry 3 owner’s will be able to download  some of the dlc packs, that  was already  available to people who pre-ordered the game. The dlc bundle includes : The Lost Expeditions, The Monkey bussiness , The Warrior , & the final one is The predator pack. All of them are split up individually : Six  single Player Mission ,  Four new animals to hunt : the mountain lion , thylacine , white tiger , and red vulture. Two new single player weapons , tribal knife , hunter’s M700 Predator Rifle. Two Multiplayer  weopons unlocks : Type 10 – flare shotgun & Predator Bow , One new character Hurk and his Monkeys. Two end of  the multiplayer match movies starring Hurk and is Monkeys. The dlc bundle is available for Xbox 360 PS3 and PC  for only $10 bucks or 800 Microsoft points download and enjoy Far Cry 3 Fans.

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