FIFA 18 Coming to Nintendo Switch

After many years, Electronic Arts and Nintendo have filed a contract towards publishing EA games onto Nintendo Platforms. With this contract in mind, Electronic Arts is publishing FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch with the release date of September 29th 2017. FIFA can be played mobile whether offline or online.  There will be different types of game mechanics in FIFA 18 that can be adaptable on the Nintendo Switch. With local multiplayer, there will be different types of controls that is exclusive for the Switch. The controls can be used on Handheld, Dual, or Single on the Split JoyCon Support. New gamemodes are also being added exclusive for Switch because of the new game mechanics are Switch Kick-Off, Local Seasons, Career Mode, Tournaments, Women’s International Cup, Skill Games, and Online Seasons. With this new contract associated with Electronic Arts and Nintendo, FIFA fans can be excited for the new upcoming game onto a Nintendo consoles with many more to come!


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