Fire Emblem X Pokemon: There will Be 2 Different Versions of the Next Fire Emblem on 3DS

Today at the April 1st Nintendo Direct, Iwata stated that there will be 2 different major storylines that the player can choose from in the next Fire Emblem game on 3DS. Apparently, he meant choosing with our wallets, because official box art for the game has shown that there will be 2 different versions: White Kingdom and Black Kingdom (similar to the different versions of each generation of Pokemon games).



You’ll also apparently be able to buy the other version as DLC if you own one of them physically already. There will also be a third storyline DLC later on, and a bundled physical copy including all 3 versions. This is all information for Japan, though, so we might just get all versions in one package in the US and Europe. The game will be released sometime in 2016 in those regions.

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