First Human Mind Meld

Yes Star Trek and Star Wars, wooh. Ok, so we all probably knew this was coming but this soon? Two scientists in the University of Washington have achieved the once impossible. This world we live in is becoming more and more a science fiction novel, it is pretty unbelievable. Rajesh Rao sent a brain signal to one of his colleagues over the internet, causing colleague Andrea Stocco to move his right hand on a keyboard. Has anyone seen the film Pacific Rim, where the two pilots are able to meld both minds together to achieve a new level of synchronicity? This is now a reality, the team was connected through a Skype session to coordinate everything and get the math right with pin-point accuracy.

Click the Link Below to Watch a Short Video

Human to Human Mind Meld

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2 thoughts on “First Human Mind Meld

  1. Now we know what to do when monsters come from the ocean.

  2. Thats pretty awesome! šŸ™‚

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