Flower Is Going to be Stunningly Beautiful on the PS4

If you haven’t already played Flower, you need to. It is one of my favorite games on the PS3. Essentially, you use the Sixaxis controls to direct the flower pedals blowing in the wind, and the object of the game is to make flowers bloom. Its a very simple game, but the best part about it, is that the graphics, music, and atmosphere of the game put you in the best of moods and relaxes you! The game was developed by ThatGameCompany; the same people responsible for Flow (PS3/PSP), and one of 2012’s best games, Journey.

If you look below, you can see two tweets from Santa Monica Studio’s Tim Moss. He reveals that Flower is running at 60 fps, 1080P, has lots of nice anti-aliasing, as well as extra grass detail! So of course, the game is gorgeous! Its still not determined if the game will be available at launch, but if its already at this stage, I’m sure it’ll come either at launch, or shortly thereafter. Big thanks to ThatGameCompany, and all the great games they’ve delivered!


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